Buenasalud Empresarial S.L

We do not work as a normal broker in the ordinary sense. We buy, develop and eventually we sell our properties. We may list objects for rent in the future.

What we do:
  • Buy and develop homes (buildings / apartments).
  • Sell our homes ( building / apartments).
  • Rent properties / apartments (in the future).
  • Property-related consulting services.
  • Asset and property management of real estate / real estate companies.

About us

Per Johansson Perrault:
..have worked with real estate for 30 years. Has a background as engineer and MBA. Has worked with asset and property management, property development, property and company reconstructions and financing.

Mia Perrault:
..has a background in service and customer relations, private and public. Has a university degree in behavioral science.


- Apartment, Avenida Diego Ramirez in Torrevieja.
- Apartment, Avenida Alfredo Nobel in Torrevieja.
- Financing projects
- Strategic and management issues - companies in Spain and Sweden
- New projects